Mindset in the Face of Adversity

As we are all dealing with the rapid paced restrictions and guidelines that come along with the Corona Virus pandemic, we are left with very impactful disruptions and changes within our daily lives. In just watching the news or seeing numerous social media posts about these setbacks and events, it is apparent that one’s mindset and perspective is going to be crucial in how we deal and handle the next few weeks or months. While many of these restrictions are completely out of our control, our mindset and how we view or react to them are completely within our control.

No doubt there is a very real sense of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety that comes with this unchartered territory as we are abruptly confronted with loss of jobs, business closings, wages cut, etc. These are all real and in no way would I want to trivialize any of those difficult decisions and situations many now find themselves in.

Our mindset is going to be the single most important characteristic that will pull us through these times. There is the mindset driven by fear where people are buying anything and everything off the shelves in grocery stores as if there will never be any more of these products ever made. The contrary is true. Produce, toilet paper, even hand sanitizer is still being manufactured, shipped and delivered to stores on the same schedule, and perhaps now in an increased timetable. The reality is the panic has created the uptake in purchasing which is causing temporary shortages, not in a disruption of the products themselves. That same fear may drive some people’s decisions to not leave their own houses, as a matter of precaution, which is understandable for many reasons. The fears are real and one’s perception is one’s reality.

However, I want to offer an alternative perspective and plan as we spend more and more time at home with less interaction and less options of places to visit, including our own jobs. What if we start to view this time off, in spite of the challenges and disruptions as an opportunity rather than a punishment. It is an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones. It is an opportunity to pursue other passions that you have been setting aside due to daily obligations. It is an opportunity to explore new activities, hobbies, or tend to some home projects you have been wanting to get to but have yet to have the time.

My point – use your time wisely. Make the most of the time we are now being given. It is not ideal. We may not even want this time, but we are given it and regardless of the reasons that land us here, why not make the most of it and pursue it with passion and positivity.

Yesterday, the weather cooperated enough to give us a dry and half-way decent day, warm enough to get outside for a bit. My daughters and I, and the dog, took a short hike through a nature path. It wasn’t an all day event by any means, but it was nice to get out of the house, away from the ongoing news reports and just spend a little time together doing something together.

Things to do to break up the monotony of being at home:

Get dressed! Start your day as if you were going to work, school, or whatever your daily routine would be. Eat breakfast, shower, get dressed and then have a plan of things you want to do or accomplish for the day.

Keep a schedule. As best you can, create a plan for the upcoming day. Whether you do this the night before, or the morning of, it is a good idea to have a schedule and keep to it. With each task or action you complete you will feel accomplished.

Get out. Whenever possible, make the time to get out of your house. Granted our choices may be limited right now, but there is no restriction on taking a walk or bike ride, cleaning up the yard, walking the dog, or finding a nature trail to explore. Use precautions but definitely take to the outdoors when you can.

Exercise. Again, creativity may be the key to success with this one. Today, for example, my cardio workout consisted of nothing more than a jump rope. Other plans I have to accomplish some cardio are hill sprints at a local park, HIIT bodyweight movement sequences, and whatever else I can come up with as the gym closings continue to remain in place. Find an app or online videos to follow that will allow you to move and still work on your fitness and health goals. The same holds true for nutrition. NOw more than ever you will need to be a bit more diligent about sticking to your nutrition goals. Being home so much with less to do, can easily lead to mindless grazing and eating out of boredom – particularly over doing it on things you wouldn’t usually eat. Be aware of this and learn to keep this under control and in moderation so that it doesn’t become an excuse to derail your hard work and progress.

If you have some other ideas to help keep your mind in the positive and keep you active and not bogged down in the monotony of being home day after day, let me know.

Stay positive. Stay grateful. Help others and stay safe! #EverydayWarrior