Becoming an Everyday Warrior in All Areas of Life

After speaking with a group of people and sharing the message and concepts behind the Everyday Warrior Action Guide book, it became even more apparent that most people are already Everyday Warriors in some area of their life.  There is some area where they have been challenged, knocked down and have had to fight, work, and claw their way to overcome this.  For some that battle is ongoing but one that they have currently taken control of.  Everyone excels at something – whether it is finances, organization, fitness, punctuality, even keeping up with laundry and putting it all away after it is washed and dried.

However, there are other areas where we struggle and want to improve.  Sometimes, there is a disconnect between the strategies and actions applied to overcome and excel in one area of life and how to apply those same strategies to an area one currently struggles with.  For whatever reason, it seems to be human nature to disregard or acknowledge the positive and only focus on the negative.  The fact that each person has some areas of strength and areas where one excels should not only be recognized but utilized as a foundation from which to build upon to conquer other areas.

Being an Everyday Warrior means admitting that while there are areas we wish to improve upon or new journeys we wish to begin, we already have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and strengths. There are many things in which we already excel and those skills and actions may be the cue that inspires and motivates others to make changes and improve areas of their own life.  It is very easy to get caught up in the negative talk and emotions and opinions of others.  It is more important that we stop and recognize where we have been, how far we have already come, and how much we have accomplished.  We are building upon our successes and should use our talents and strengths as bricks as we continue to grow and build upon our own greatness so that others may also grow and improve.