Me - the short version!

I am the father of two amazing, and rapidly growing teenage daughters. Above all, they are my greatest gift, miracle, and passion in this world. When I’m not woodworking or watching sports, I work as a teacher, drug-free pro bodybuilder, author, and speaker. 


My journey is rooted in bodybuilding and fitness, though ironically, my mission has very little to do with physical fitness and much more to do with mental strength and fortitude. I have come to believe that the mind is much stronger and much more powerful than we can ever imagine. Greatness occurs when we commit to mastering our minds and fulfilling our own potential.


 And as I have witnessed time and time again, it is through this commitment that we become Everyday Warriors.


As an Everyday Warrior fighting to reach my goals, I strive to help others reach their own. 

I want to inspire others to take control of their own lives and reach the goals they have always dreamed of. I want them to take action each and every day to overcome the obstacles in their path, to change the inner conversation that tells them “they can’t,” and to make that dream of “someday” a reality for today.

       My Story, My Journey

My journey to becoming an Everyday Warrior began 12 years ago over pizza, chocolate, and a Coke. I was celebrating the pro status I had earned that night in natural bodybuilding. 

As my friends, my training partner, and I ate, the conversation turned to what I should do with my new pro status - specifically, how I could use it to help others. The obvious answer was personal training, but deep down I knew I had way more to offer others than how to correctly perform exercises. The exercise is the easy part. It is the rest of life and the characteristics that are demanded of us when pursuing success that I want to impart to people.

My team and I kept looking for ways to reach others. We tried to nail down an idea using several business models, a fledgling web presence, and even an e-book. Each evolution was met with some success, and even greater success for those we connected with. Nonetheless, the ability to reach a wider audience eluded us. 

With each business model, I began to gain a deeper understanding of the people we were working with and the common issues among them.  Exercising and healthy eating may have been their goal,  but it became clear to me that these were simply the outlets for other areas in their lives that needed to be addressed. The more I worked with them, the more I saw what was really stopping people from achieving their goals...

          The Greatest Obstacle 

The truth is - we stop ourselves. The fear and doubt within our own minds limit our success in health, fitness, and virtually every aspect of life. We have an ingrained set of parameters in our lives. These parameters are biases we hold about ourselves, telling us what we can and can’t do. These biases become walls that are further reinforced through our actions and the ongoing conversations we have with ourselves.

I didn’t want to be seen as another meathead gym-rat. I have a life outside the gym. I have daughters I am raising. I teach and work with students. I love the beach. I enjoy woodworking. I have a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s. The gym and bodybuilding are a part of my life because I chose them to be.

Likewise, I want to help other people realize and achieve their goals while breaking past the limitations they put up for themselves. 

         The Greatest Question-                                       How to Succeed

How do most people try to succeed? Sometimes they think it’s as straightforward as making a checklist:

-Start and stop.  

-Have worthy and lofty goals.  

-Want to succeed.  

-Have it planned it out. 

This may seem like a foolproof plan, but in many cases the people that pursue these steps only find themselves slipping back into old patterns. Without motivation, the goals they hold so dear take a back seat to all the other worries in their life. 

They feel disappointment, frustration, and hopelessness as they desperately search for that one spark that will reignite their drive to achieve their goals. You probably know the feeling. The real question is - how can you reclaim your motivation?

              The Greatest Answer -                                   The Spark Within You

I would love to tell you that I can hand you the motivation you need, but the truth is much simpler than that. The spark is already within you. All you need is someone to point it out to you. 

With my experience and insights, I know how to help others tap into that drive, push aside obstacles, make progress, see results, and own their actions. I love it when I see that motivation manifest in my own life as I accomplish new goals and seek new ambitions.  I love it even more when I discover how to light that spark within another person so they can reach their own path towards achieving their dreams.

If you want to ignite the spark towards your success you can click here to purchase my book Everyday Warrior: The Action Guide for Ordinary People Who Desire Extraordinary Results.

I am also available to speak about my life, my experience, and offer my advice and motivation at various speaking opportunities. Email me at [email protected] for more information.